Six Security Systems to Protect you at Home

Today’s security systems for the home are no longer mere deterrents. There are many types of security systems that offer unique features. With advances in technology, homeowners now have more ways to protect their property and their lives.

Six security systems to protect you at home

1. Security system

In the past, burglars broke into the door or window of the house.
Now, motion sensors warn you of an intruder anywhere in your property.
The surveillance system linked to a security service is another characteristic.
The surveillance service will contact the police if your alarm goes off and you do not let them know that everything is fine.

2. Smoke and fire detector

The latest security systems protect you not only against theft but also against smoke and fires.
Smoke detectors are connected to the security system, and if they go off when you are at home or not, the system automatically calls the fire department if you do not turn off the alarm.

3. Carbon monoxide and radon alarms

Carbon monoxide and radon are two odorless gases in the hope that, if not detected in time, can be deadly.
You need both a carbon monoxide detector and a radon detector to ensure constant monitoring of these two deadly gases in your home.
If both detectors are connected to your security system, it can automatically call an ambulance if an alarm is not manually stopped.

4. Emergency help

Some security systems have a panic button.
It is mainly intended for the elderly or those with disabilities who live alone.
In an emergency, press the panic button that calls the police or an ambulance.

5. Surveillance cameras

Another essential element of security systems: surveillance cameras.
You can have a video camera connected to the doorbell to see who is ringing at your door.
Cameras in or around your home will allow you to watch the scene live or recorded on your smartphone or another device.
You will also be able to keep an eye on your house all day, as well as your children once they have returned from school.

6. Automation of the house

Many security systems are now home automation. You can turn off and on lights remotely, turn on garden watering, and perform other activities using your smartphone or another mobile device.
With the right security system, you’ll have more ways to protect your family and your home.